Personal Information of 900,000 Customers Leaked 微風集團APP遭駭 90萬會員個資外洩

Department store Breeze Group reported its database has been hacked and it received an anonymous blackmail. 900,000 customer and supplier information has been leaked. 

The staff cleaned the entire building again before opening. Local department store operator Breeze Group operates five department stores and four food malls in Taiwan. Members can accumulate consumption points on the Breeze App. However, the company recently received an anonymous ransom blackmail, which stated that a database containing 900,000 customers including personal information, invoices, orders, and suppliers' information both have been hacked. The company has already reported the incident to the police.

Citizen: “Generally speaking, I'm more at ease with big brands. Credit cards too. Of course, you will think about how could this happen. So in the future, if it's not a big brand, we can't even trust it.”

Citizen: “Just try not to leave your personal information out there. If some apps need personal information, I won't want to sign up for them.”

The Breeze Group stated that it received an anonymous cyber extortion letter and immediately activated damage control. The company's IT department has already completed software and operating system updates to improve its firewall. Breeze Group also appealed to the public not to repost and distribute personal information to avoid violating the law. Information security experts suggest that companies can separate internal corporate data from customer data, and set up different firewalls to reduce risks.

Cha Shih-lang, Professor, Dept. of Information Management, NTUST: “Important core systems should be separated from the normal operating system. And you can't just connect in and change the code. At present, a lot of SMEs or some e-commerce companies are relatively lacking in this respect.”

Experts also remind the public to be vigilant if receiving a message to ask for changing a password or getting an unknown call. Please check with the business or call the anti-fraud hotline to avoid being deceived. 









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