Firefighters Called to Townhouse Fire 透天厝火警 119線上指導女屋主自救逃生

At 3 a.m. on the morning of Feb. 23, a fire broke out at a townhouse on Kaohsiung's Zhanbao Road. The fire was discovered by the female homeowner, who immediately called 119. The command center employee that answered the call immediately dispatched firefighters to the scene and also stayed on the line giving the woman instructions. The family of four is now safe and sound.

Firefighters arrive on the scene in the middle of the night as a fire blazes.

Neighbor: “They suffered smoke inhalation but were fine. (How many people suffered smoke inhalation?) Two children and their parents. The wife was in worse condition.”

One team of firefighters pulled burning objects out of the house to lower the temperature inside while another used a ladder to rescue one member of the family. 

Chen Bing-hsiung, Fourth Corps Captain, Fire Dept., Kaohsiung: “(The parents and children) all escaped. When we arrived on the scene, the mother was trapped on the third floor.”

The fire broke out at a townhouse on Kaohsiung's Zhanbao Road around 3 a.m. on the 23rd. The wife discovered the fire and called 119, with the command center staying on the line, giving her instructions.

Command and Control Center Employee: “(We told her to) jam something in the balcony door to block the smoke and then wait on the balcony to be rescued.”

The command and control center employee that the trapped resident spoke with instructed her to step onto the balcony, wedge a towel in the door to block the smoke, and wait to be rescued. The husband and children managed to escape to the roof of the next townhouse over, leaving the wife behind on the third floor. She was rescued not too long afterward. The family only suffered smoke inhalation and all are undergoing preventive treatment. Authorities have not yet determined the cause of the fire.