Indoor Mask Mandate Eased Starting Feb. 20 口罩令2/20起鬆綁 賣場工作人員仍戴口罩

Masks are no longer required indoors starting Feb. 20. However, the mandate would remain in place for medical and care institutions as well as on mass transportations.

After more than 800 days, Taiwan finally welcomes its ultimate relaxation of the indoor mask mandate. In places like markets and hypermarkets, the public can choose whether to wear a mask. Nevertheless, upon a quick glance, the majority of people are still wearing masks.

Citizen: “Even though the epidemic has cleared up, I feel that personal prevention is still necessary and useful.”

Citizen: “There is still a period of likely infection, so I feel that wearing a mask is still necessary.”

Citizen: “Finally, the day arrived that we no longer need to wear a mask, so now the indoor mask rule has been relaxed. I think it's great that there is a rule that says you don't need to wear a mask. I'm not wearing one.”

In contrast to wearing a mask, some people exclaim that being able to breathe fresh air without wearing a mask is awesome. The mandate would remain in place for medical and care institutions, including hospitals, pharmacies, or long-term care centers, as well as public transport or other special forms of transportation such as High Speed Rail or trains, ambulances, etc. Even though indoor mask is no longer required, hypermarkets consider the high frequency of employees facing customers on a day-to-day basis still require employees to wear a mask to work.

Chang Jun-hong, North-South Manager, Public Affairs and Services, Carrefour Taiwan: “Our employees often interact with many customers, thus in view of their health and safety, we believe as of now we'd still require them to wear masks to work. As for customers, if they are obviously coughing, or if their temperature has exceeded the normal threshold, we of course would persuade them nicely to wear a mask.”

The public is warned that if one is coughing or suffering from other symptoms, masks are still recommended. Medical experts note that the ease of indoor mask mandate is actually quite meaningless; it's better to downgrade the COVID-19 epidemic on a whole scale level to avoid waste of medical resources.










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