Only 17 Out of 861 Sign Up for Building Competition 宜縣首辦優良公寓大廈評選賽 僅17個報名

Yilan held the county's first selection of excellent apartment buildings, with only 17 signing up for the competition.

Chen Shih-hung, Executive Dir., Taiwan Institute of Community Empowerment: “We're not looking for building issues. (We're trying to find good apartment buildings.)”

The Yilan County Government is holding the selection of excellent apartment buildings for the first time. An explanation meeting was held on the 17th to announce the selection method, emphasizing that the selection is to find good apartment buildings, not to find apartment building problems. There are 681 apartment buildings in Yilan County, but only 17 registered to participate. Such a figure was questioned by the outside world that the publicity was insufficient.

Pan Liang-yu, Director, Economic Affairs Dept., Yilan County: “We hope this event will let the public know the Yilan County Government really wants to help everyone have a better home.”

The county government stated that notices were sent, but most apartment buildings were still worried that participating in the selection would mean being inspected and resulting in fines. The county government emphasized that only the good ones will be judged, not the bad ones. In the future, it will promote the event online to increase the willingness of buildings to participate.

Building Resident: “The value of the building will increase.”

Building Resident: “I think where we fell short, we can also use this opportunity to improve. And we can also use this opportunity to let everyone see the characteristics of our building.”

According to the county government's statistics, the most violations from buildings in the county are piled-up clutter in public areas, which will affect the escape route. The county government also stated that it will be the focus of the selection criteria. Doing well means improving the public safety of each building. The event has two categories: the Evergreen Group and the Rookie Group. The top 3 and the winner will receive cash prizes, a maximum of NT$50,000. 











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