Gold Medalist Dragon Boat Rower Dies in Accident 亞運龍舟金牌國手 騎車衝破圍欄墜井亡

Chen Yu-an, a member of the national dragon boat team, died after he and his motorcycle fell into a construction pothole. His family questioned why warning lights were not working as they should be.

Asian Games dragon boat gold medalist Chen Yu-an fell into a sewer and died while he was riding his motorcycle on the morning of the 16th. The sewer construction area was fenced off and located at the intersection of Wenzhong Road and Guoji Road in Taoyuan. Surveillance cameras from nearby stores reveal footage of the incident. Chen's family members demanded to find out the truth. In addition to questioning the delay in saving his life, they also questioned why the government always reviews afterward when there are frequent car accidents in the area.

Chen's Mother: “Excuse me, you should find the fence broken when you go to work at 8 a.m. You should know the importance of this. No matter what's in it, water must be pumped out first. And you must report it to the police first. You don't wait until 10 a.m. to call the salvage guy.”

Chen's Father: “We also hope that the inspection will help us clarify the truth about my son's death. We just hope the truth can be revealed and that he didn't die inexplicably.”

Relevant units said that after the incident, they inspected safety measures at the scene. After a preliminary inspection, they met traffic maintenance standards, and warning lights and strobe lights were operating normally. Other protective measures include construction fences, iron guardrails, and catch nets were all set up according to government construction regulations. Nearby businesses said that the warning lights are on, but not bright enough. And they cannot be seen when there is more fog.

Nearby Store Owner: “Did you say the lights are on at night? As far as I know, they are.”

Nearby Store Owner: “You can't s see the lights when it's foggy. And car speeds on this main road are very fast at night.”

Wei Kuang-fu, Specialist, Construction Dept., Office of Labor Inspection, Taoyuan: “Our department requires construction companies to increase barriers to keep outside cars from rushing in and causing labor and public safety accidents.”

In response to the unfortunate death of Chen, the Sports Administration stated that it will issue NT$200,000 of condolence money to the family as soon as possible in accordance with its regulations. It has also asked the National Training Center to contact the dragon boat association and its coaches to provide necessary assistance to the family if needed. 











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