KMT Prevents Premier Chen From Giving Report 陳揆首赴立院報告備詢 藍委搶占發言台

Premier Chen Chien-jen was scheduled to give his first policy report on Feb. 17, only to face boycott from opposition lawmakers, who said they wouldn't leave the podium unless the central government promised to give out cash payment of NT$10,000 to every citizen.

KMT legislators occupied the podium at 9 o'clock in the morning. Once again, the KMT called for a general distribution of NT$10,000. Otherwise, they would not allow Premier Chen Chien-jen to make his first report after taking office and take questions from legislators. They also emphasized that they would boycott the new cabinet in accordance with the DPP's practice in the past.

Tseng Ming-chung, KMT Legislative Whip: “The KMT advocates the distribution of NT$10,000 per person as soon as possible.”

Chen Chien-jen, Premier: “Of course, I came to the Legislative Yuan with the most sincere heart to communicate with everyone. I hope this boycott doesn't prevent the passage of related bills or the budget.”

The KMT has threatened to boycott all day long. However, it is not only the special cash distribution that is controversial. On the 16th, the Executive Yuan approved the mortgage loan subsidy of NT$30,000 per household proposed by the Ministry of the Interior. Opposition legislators questioned whether it was a waste of money and will make homeless youth more deprived.

Chen Chien-jen, Premier: “We're especially concerned about student loan and mortgage borrowers. And the interests of commuters.”

Lin Yu-chang, Interior Minister: “The problem of high housing prices is a chronic disease. It takes time to tackle the problem.”

Lin Yu-chang emphasized that the three-year epidemic has felt like a serious illness for the entire society. It is necessary to take care of the body immediately. The focus of government policy is to care for renters. The Ministry of the Interior has formulated a number of policies to tackle the problem of high housing prices. They will be rolled out in order, and everyone will feel the improvement. 












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