Central Taiwan Regional Governance Platform Launched 竹市加入共8縣市 中台灣治理平台今啟動

Taichung City officially launched The Central Taiwan Regional Governance Platform on Feb. 16. The heads of cities and counties gathered in Taichung, and Hsinchu City also joined this year, becoming the eighth participant. Hsinchu City Mayor Ann Kao also attended. The outside world is watching what kind of political effects it will have.

Eight county and city leaders from Central Taiwan appeared together at the Taichung City Hall, announcing the official launch of the Central Taiwan Regional Governance Platform.

“Eight bodies cooperate for stronger unity.”The Central Taiwan Regional Governance Platform originally only had four counties and cities: Taichung, Changhwa, Nantou, and Miaoli. After Lu Shiow-yen took office, she successively invited Hsinchu County, Yunlin County, and Chiayi City to join. This year, Hsinchu City and Chiayi County were also invited. However, Chiayi County Magistrate Weng Chang-liang declined, while Hsinchu Mayor Ann Kao joined.

Lu Shiow-yen, Taichung Mayor: “We have eight counties and cities cooperating. Only when local public opinion is voiced collectively, can it be valued by the central government and answer our needs.”

Lu said that the eight counties and cities have formed an alliance with each other, and Central Taiwan will become a force that cannot be underestimated. It will combine the industrial foundations of each county and city, hoping to achieve cooperation, mutual support, and share experiences. The Central Taiwan Regional Governance Platform is made up of KMT leaders, but also includes Miaoli County Magistrate Chung Tung-ching, an independent, and Kao from the TPP.

Chung Tung-ching, Miaoli County Magistrate: “We are from different parties, but we are all alike. We all want to create a happy life for our constituents.”

Ann Kao, Hsinchu City Mayor: “I didn't ask Mayor Lu whether this is the KMT or DPP's platform. I just simply asked her what kind of functions such a platform can achieve.”

Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke also publicly stated in the meeting that he hoped that Mayor Lu can continue to develop northward. Lu emphasized that her focus is on doing the job in front of her. The scale of the platform led by Taichung City has gradually grown, which has also unexpectedly led to opportunities for cooperation between opposition factions. All walks of life are watching to see what kind of political effects it will have in the future.