Fake Jeremy Lin Merchandise Being Sold Online 林來瘋再起 林書豪商品賣逾500萬出現仿冒

Former NBA player Jeremy Lin plays his first-ever game in Taiwan's professional basketball leagues. He also helped his team to a victory in his debut and was named MVP of the week. However, his counterfeit products have started popping up online.

Former NBA player Jeremy Lin joined P.League+ team Kaohsiung 17LIVE Steelers on Feb. 8. He made his debut on Feb. 12, and helped the team to win its third straight game. He was also named MVP of the week. His impressive performance so far is not only helping to sell tickets, but also over NT$5 million's worth of merchandise in just one week. Now, counterfeit products have started popping up.

Resident: “Yes, it looks like a normal jersey.”

Resident: “There are so many fake products now, but they're really hard to distinguish with a quick glance.”

A fake Lin jersey is selling on an online platform for just NT$300 less than the real thing. It's hard to tell it's fake by looking at the photos. There are also fake customizable jerseys being sold, and their price is half of the real thing. Many fans have reported the fake merchandise to the team.

Chris, Merchandise Manager, Kaohsiung 17LIVE Steelers: “On the back collar, there is the Steelers horned helmet logo made from tatami fabric. This is a good way for everyone to distinguish if it's an authentic jersey. Authentic jerseys will also have such a tag. If they don't have such a tag, then it's very probable that they're fake.”

The Steelers' logo is made from a special fabric and the product tag can be used to determine whether a jersey is authentic. The team said although it received complaints from fans, it doesn't know whether anyone was actually cheated so it hasn't yet decided whether to take legal action. It also reminded fans to only purchase merchandise from official channels.









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