Breeder Sent to the Police as Passerby Frightened by a Goose 被鵝追咬報警 飼主遭違「社維法」送辦

Last month, in Taitung County, a scooter driver was chased and bitten by a goose and then he reported it to the police. However, the court said, geese are generally cute and normally would not scare people so it exempted the breeder from any punishment or fines.

It is a common phenomenon to raise geese in the countryside. When strangers approach, a goose would, like any other animal, make warning noises. Once a passerby was frightened by a goose and pecked by it, but do geese normally bite people unprovoked? A professional goose farm in Taitung noted that geese are actually quite timid, but if threatened, they too will, like most animals, take on self-protecting actions.

Mr. Chen, Resident: “It is not aggressive just happened to run out like that.”

Ms. Chen, Owner of Goose Farm: “It is actually very timid. If you do not attack or threaten it, it will not (attack people).”

In January, a scooter driver in Taitung County Beinan Township passed by in front of a goose farm and was chased and bitten by a goose. Frightened, he reported to the police. The police handled the case and transferred the owner pursuant to the "Encouraging or Allowing Animals to Scare People" provision under the Social Order Maintenance Act. However, the Taitung District Court determined that the breeder did not encourage or allow the goose to attack people. Also, geese are generally cute and normally would not scare people. Hence, it did not constitute an element of a violation. The court thus exempted the breeder from any discipline or fines.

Tsai Li-chun, Presiding Judge, Criminal Court, Taitung District Court: “He believes that the subject animal is a goose, and a goose is intrinsically not likely to scare people passing by.”

The Presiding Judge of Taitung District Court noted that even though the breeder is exempted from the three days or more detention and fines of no more than NT$12,000 under the Social Order Maintenance Act, his goose nevertheless caused another's injury or financial loss, thus the victim may still petition for separate civil or criminal damages.









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