ROC Rescue Team Rescues an 18-year-old Male 震後198小時 我搜救隊聯手救出1男子

198 hours after the Turkey-Syria earthquake hit, a miracle emerges amidst the aftermath. The R.O.C. Rescue Team along with the Turkish rescue team, together found and saved an 18-year-old male onsite. Meanwhile, the Taiwan Rescue and Search Team has completed its mission and went back to Taiwan on Feb. 15.

198 hours after the Turkey-Syria earthquake, the surrounding crowds witnessed yet another miracle underneath the debris.

An NGO, the R.O.C. Rescue Team, jointly with the local Turkish field engineers and miners, pulled out an 18-year-old male trapped under the debris after four hours of hard work in removing obstacles.

Members of the R.O.C. Rescue Team are all dressed in red and are mostly volunteers. They departed for Turkey on Feb. 8 for their rescue mission. Meanwhile, the official governmental Taiwan Rescue and Search Team, in cooperation with the local disaster area conditions, completed its 96-hour mission and prepared to take returning flight back to Taiwan.

As the 130 people and five rescue dogs all arrived at the Istanbul International Airport, loud applause resounded to thank their efforts.

Taiwan Rescue Personnel (Feb. 10): “We still remember that. And we still can see this story telling people, 20 years ago the Turkish people helped us, for this time... (Now this time for your turn.)”

As the mission comes to its end at this stage, the official Taiwan Rescue and Search Team took the early morning EVA Airlines flight back to Taiwan. 









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