Most Traffic Casualties in 2022: Tainan, Taoyuan 立委公布交通事故排名 台南居冠桃園第二

CNN Travel recently called Taiwan a "living hell for pedestrians." Now, New Power Party Legislator Chiu Hsien-chih revealed the top five cities and counties with the most road traffic casualties in 2022. 

The truck made a quick left turn and almost hit the lady crossing the road. The lady was petrified and backed up and fell to the ground. This happened in Taoyuan and the video clip went viral on the internet. CNN Travel recently reported that critics call Taiwan a "living hell for pedestrians." 

Citizen: “You have to be very careful whether driving or walking in Taoyuan. Road designs do not really prioritize pedestrians over vehicles.”

Citizen: “I think people don't obey traffic rules; that's why there are so many traffic incidents. I think there are more pedestrian walkways now in recent years.”

New Power Party Legislator Chiu Hsien-chih posted on Facebook over this matter and described the situation as "not just a living hell but also a graveyard for pedestrians." Chiu listed the top five cities and counties with the most traffic casualties in 2022, starting with Tainan City at the top, followed by Taoyuan City, Pingtung County, Hsinchu City, and finally Hualien County.

Lin Yen-feng, Coordinator, Trans. Safety Info. Sec., Dep. of Trans., Taoyuan: “The Taoyuan City Government will review and determine if the number of car lanes and their width needs to be adjusted. Traffic lights will also be adjusted and pedestrian walkways will be improved through construction. Road traffic casualties have gone down this year in Taoyuan.”

Taoyuan's Department of Transportation reported 2,540 road traffic casualties for every 100,000 pedestrians from January through November of 2022. Although the number of victims went down by 7 in comparison to 2021, the local government says they hope to lower the number, even more, this year by working on improving road designs such as the left turn lanes for scooters and crossroads with no traffic lights.










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