TSMC to Try Flexible Work Schedule in February 傳台積電部分廠區 二月試行彈性上下班

TSMC plans to give their staff the opportunity to arrive at work at different times to help ease traffic that commuters face when traveling to and from the Hsinchu Science Park.

Hsinchu Science Park, which has nearly 170,000 employees, suffers from heavy traffic jams during rush hours. The journey from Zhubei to the science park should only take ten minutes, but it can take at least 50 minutes during rush hour traffic. TSMC, a leading wafer manufacturer, has reported that it will try out a flexible work schedule at some factories in February and the system will be fully implemented for the rest of the company after June at the earliest.

Chang Chih-yuan, Secretary-General, Allied Association for Science Park Industries: “Improving traffic via public works will take a long time. So the best way is for everyone to automatically adjust shifts. TSMC is now taking the lead in doing this. I think it's a great and smart move. If successful, I believe more companies will follow.”

TSMC is expected to divide the start of work into three periods: 7:30, 8:30, and 9:30 in the morning. After deducting a one-hour break for meals, employees can leave work after eight hours. The Ministry of Labor is also happy to see the success of this program. However, it also reminds employers that they still need to record employees' attendance in detail to protect their wages and overtime hours. Otherwise, the company will be fined up to NT$450,000.

Huang Wei-chen, Director, Dept. of Labor Standards and Equal Employment, MOL: “If there is a continuation of work after the agreed working hours, it is still overtime. If workers have to work overtime, they must be paid for overtime. This flexible work schedule does not mean there's no overtime pay. This is something that must be paid special attention to.”

This Lunar New Year gift from TSMC will save employees from being stuck in traffic during rush hour. It not only alleviates the problem of traffic congestion but also takes care of employee needs. TSMC responded that its human resources department is still working on relevant details and will be announced to the public after confirmation. 









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