Classified Intelligence Available for Sale Online 國外網站兜售台灣機密情報 開價450萬

A military enthusiast recently discovered that someone was selling classified intelligence documents from Taiwan through a foreign website. The price was NT$4.5 million for 10 GB of data. The military enthusiast said the government needs to step up its vigilance.

A military enthusiast going by the pseudonym "Ma Lan" often browses foreign websites for military information. Recently, this person discovered that someone was openly selling classified intelligence documents from Taiwan via a foreign website. The price was US$150,000 for 10 GB of data, or about NT$4.5 million. There were also comments asking how the data could be purchased.

Ma Lan, Military Enthusiast: “There were some work records, as well as personnel evaluations. Early this morning, the seller offered another batch. I've already notified the relevant departments. There were even names inside the batch offered this morning.”

The military enthusiast said the ramifications of this incident are huge, so relevant departments have already been notified. The samples included information on other countries' military exercises and individual missions. One report indicated that one person's task was to refer and search for intelligence on cross-Strait exchanges and analyze whether another person would be willing to go to China to develop if their income decreased due to a job transfer. There was also personal information on active duty military personnel, including names and addresses. This could be the work of hackers or infiltration by secret agents, so the government is urged to stay vigilant.

Wang Ting-yu, Legislator (DPP): “They should set up a specialized national security court and national security police force that can impose speedy and major punishment based on evidence.”

Elected representatives said the government should establish a court specifically handling national security issues to quickly try and impose punishments for crimes. The Ministry of National Defense said it is investigating this report of classified information being sold online and cannot reveal any details.









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