Cars Estimated to Head South on Jan. 20, 22-23 春節南向車潮 預估在連假第1天及初一初二

Due to the 10-day long Lunar New Year break this year, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications said the high volume of passenger cars will be set southbound for the first two days of the vacation.

This year's Lunar New Year vacation is 10 days long. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications said passenger cars will be primarily southbound on Jan. 20, the first day of the vacation, and Jan. 22 to 23. The period from Jan. 24 to 25 is when the highest number of tour buses will be seen. As the vacation is fairly long, there will be passenger cars returning north starting from the afternoon of Jan. 25 until Jan. 28. A section of the Suhua Highway damaged by a landslide has been repaired, and there won't be any traffic controls over the holiday.

Chen Wen-juei, Director, Directorate General of Highways: “The Daqingshui section will be completely open to traffic without any barriers over the Lunar New Year, so there shouldn't be any congestion. I think the traffic flow will be comparable to previous years.”

Wang Kwo-tsai, Transportation and Communications Minister: “The ultimate goal was to give Hualien and Taitung people a safe and sound way to get home. That's what is most important.”

The pandemic situation is improving, and people are eager to start traveling again. Taoyuan International Airport Corporation says the peak travel days are expected to be the last two days of the vacation, which are Jan. 28 and 29. The passenger volume on Jan. 28 could hit 90,000, which will be the highest level since February 2020. The airport has set an annual goal of 20 million passengers.

Lin Kuo-shian, Acting Chairperson, Taoyuan Int'l Airport Corp.: “It will start on Jan. 19, when there will be 84,000 people. It will climb and reach the highest level of 94,000 on the seventh day of the Lunar New Year. It will be 92,000 on the eighth day. Between Jan. 19 and 30, there will be 988,000 people entering and exiting, so the total for the month of January will be close to two million.”

There are rumors that the Cabinet reshuffle will see Transportation and Communications Minister Wang Kwo-tsai assigned to China Airlines as the chairperson, with former Keelung Mayor Lin Yu-chang taking over as minister. Wang said no one has told him anything, and he will continue completing his work as minister.









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