Reserve Soldiers Will Receive NT$5,000 Bonus 後備軍人完成教召第5次起 加發5千元獎金

The Ministry of National Defense announced that there will be volunteered reserve call-ups starting from the second quarter this year. Participants who complete their 5th training call-up will receive a NT$5,000 bonus. 

Taiwan established a 14-day military training call-up in 2022 in response to China's military threat. In order to encourage reserve soldiers to volunteer to participate in the call-up, the Ministry of National Defense announced on the 17th, that starting the second quarter of this year, according to the needs of various military services, will target volunteer reserves for a call-up. The refresher training will be either 14 days or five to seven days. The 14-day training is counted as two separate call-ups, and after completing the 5th training call-up, each participant can receive NT$5,000.

Yu Wen-chen, Director, Mobilization Management Div., All-Out Defense Mobilization Agency, MND: “We will give a participation bonus of NT$5,000 each time a reservist has completed a training call-up after the 5th refresher training call-up.”

Taking into account the principle of gender equality, women will also be offered to participate in reserve volunteer call-ups this year. Their sessions are planned for bases in northern, central, southern, and eastern Taiwan.

Tung Shao-ming, Director, Human Resources Div., Resource Planning Dept., MND: “Due to the amendments to the Act of Military Service for Officers and Noncommissioned Officers of the Armed Forces, women officers no matter if their service is suspended or they have retired, are reservists. We have launched the announcement.”

The Ministry of National Defense emphasized that the voluntary refresher training camps for reserve soldiers are set to enrich and strengthen their combat power and skills. Reserve soldiers who have not been called up within 12 years of military discharge are welcome to volunteer and participate. The MND asks the public to support the new system. 








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