Special Budget Plan Sent to Legislature for Review 政院特別條例送立院 確定再延會至1/19

The Legislative Yuan has decided to extend its time of review to last until Jan. 19, as lawmkers split regarding the general and special budget for 2023. 

The Executive Yuan has submitted a cash distribution of NT$6,000 to the public as part of the special budget to the legislature on Jan. 12 for approval. However, lawmakers are still split on the central government's proposed general budget for this year and the legislature's regular session ended the next day on the 13th. KMT lawmakers asked for provisional sessions the following week for decision-making and strongly suggested reviewing the special budget first before dealing with the general budget.

William Tseng, KMT Legislative Caucus Whip: “The party reached a consensus to review the special budget first so that the government can issue the cash payment to the public as quickly as possible.”

Ker Chien-ming, DPP Legislative Caucus Whip: “He (William Tseng) is being politically manipulative. He sees that the DPP is dealing with a Cabinet reshuffle, so now he wants to find opportunities to delay the review of the general budget. It's an open secret, everybody can see through it.”

DPP Legislative Caucus Whip Ker Chien-ming said he would not give up on negotiating for reviewing the general budget plan first. However, both KMT and TPP said that the special budget is not just about cash distribution, it also includes subsidizing electricity prices and the health and labor systems. Both parties said they would definitely carefully deliberate over the special budget.

Chiu Chen-Yuan, TPP Legislative Caucus Whip: “There are still many questions about other categories of the special budget. We need to be strict and not make rash, last-minute decisions.”

All parties have agreed on a provisional session on Jan. 19, which will affect the timing of the Cabinet reshuffle. President Tsai said earlier that the reshuffle will happen after the legislative sessions are over. It has been said that former vice president Chen Chien-jen will be the one to take over as Premier. Everyone awaits for the government's next move.









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