94% of Workers Want to Change Jobs 除了薪水全都漲 94%上班族年後想換工作

A recent survey showed that 94 percent of respondents want new employers in the Year of the Rabbit, a 14-year high.

The Lunar New Year is approaching and many people want to change jobs. According to a survey conducted by a job bank, 94.2 percent of survey respondents want new employers in the Year of the Rabbit, the highest in 14 years. The top five reasons for wanting to change jobs include dissatisfaction with salary, feeling there are no prospects for development at the current company, no opportunities for promotion, no room to perform, and poor company benefits. More than 60 percent of respondents were dissatisfied with their salaries. Wages can't keep up with prices, which puts a lot of pressure on office workers. 

Big Mike, Job Seeker: “Maybe it's because I haven't come back to Taiwan for two or three years. But I discovered that the cost of living has increased. For example, it costs NT$15 to add an egg to my meal.”

The Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics announced on the 11th, that the recurring monthly salary from January to November last year reached NT$44,371, a 22-year high. However, after deducting the increase in prices, recurring wages decreased by 0.11 percent. 

Yang Tsung-pin, Owner, Job Bank Company: “Internal dining was prohibited the year before due to the local outbreak of COVID-19. Therefore, workers in these types of industries saw their salaries reduced. Last year, due to the relatively serious situation of inflation, even if a company raises wages, it was still eroded by rising prices.”

The survey also found that the average gap between workers' expected salaries and the salaries offered by companies reached 14.6 percent. Job bank experts believe that workers are more likely to rely on job hopping if they want a salary increase. 








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