Taoyuan Mayor Suspected of Drinking and Driving 喝2口紅酒後駕車看水情 張善政被指硬拗

Taoyuan Mayor Simon Chang denied allegations that he drove under the influence before inspecting the water situation in Taoyuan.

Taoyuan Mayor Simon Chang drove himself to inspect the city's water situation in the early morning of the 10th, and was suspected of drunk driving. Chang responded that he only took two sips of wine and did not drink and drive.

Kao Shu-chen, Secretary General, Taiwan Against Drunk Driving Association: “Mayor Chang made a wrong demonstration for drinking and driving. And he did not apologize to the citizens of his city and the country. Our association strongly condemns his actions.”

According to the Taiwan Against Drunk Driving Association, statistics show Taoyuan has always been in the top three among the nationwide counties and cities in terms of the high number of deaths and injuries caused by driving under the influence accidents. TADD severely condemned Chang for taking the lead in drunk driving. The Association demands Chang apologize and ask for punishment. At the same time, he should propose specific policies for the prevention of drunk driving in Taoyuan. Otherwise, he will be deemed the first drunk-driving mayor in the country.

Simon Chang, Taoyuan City Mayor: “I want to emphasize that I absolutely did not drink and drive. I believe I only sipped a bit of wine. I was absolutely far from the legal drink-driving limit.”

Regarding the allegations of drunk driving, Chang said he normally does not drink too much during meals. However, he understands his position as mayor. Chang said he will be more cautious in the future after raising the Association's doubts. 








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