Plan Is for Conscripts to Complete Service With Studies 國防部研議 讓役男大學4年同時完成服役

The two-day annual meeting for the 2023 academic year of university presidents started on Jan. 5. In 2024, males born in or after 2005 will be required to serve one year in compulsory military service. The Ministry of National Defense intends to allow conscripts to complete their military service during their four years of university.

The length of compulsory military service has been reinstated to one year. How will conscripts balance their studies and military service? The Ministry of National Defense intends to allow conscripts to complete their military service during their four years of university, and the supporting measures include relaxing the number of maximum course credits and summer school and winter school. China Medical University said it will depend on the department.

Hung Mien-chie, President, China Medical University: “Some departments arrange for internships during summer or winter vacation, so it may be more difficult for them. However, many departments can do this.”

Shih Hsin University said it will do its best to cooperate with government policy, but there will be challenges in the implementation, such as how to provide stability to females in the same classes.

Chen Ching-ho, President, Shih Hsin University: “Public universities didn't have issues in the past, but private universities did. What was it? You get additional course credits for summer or winter school. Schools will do their best to cooperate, but like I just said, we need to have a comprehensive set of supporting measures.”

National Central University said lifelong learning is normal now. The length of time students have to graduate can be extended to give them greater flexibility in making personal arrangements and planning.

Chou Ching-yang, Chair, Association of Nat'l Universities of Taiwan: “It doesn't have to be concentrated in the summer and winter vacations, and you don't have to do your service in the middle of your last year and return. It will become very natural. The state policy was to extend it to one year, and we want everyone's mind to open.”

The issue of how to respond to the extension of the compulsory military service period wasn't on the agenda for the annual meeting of university presidents. However, they said many details can be resolved administratively and they will cooperate with the government policy.











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