About 152 Violations at Hsinchu Baseball Stadium: Hsinchu Mayor 高虹安:新竹棒球場 最新盤點出152項缺失

Hsinchu Mayor Ann Kao held a press conference to reveal that the Hsinchu City Public Works Department found 152 violations during the inspection at the Hsinchu Baseball Stadium. She also announced that it will not host the WBC baseball warm-up games this year.

Renovations of Hsinchu City Baseball Stadium were completed at the end of last year and Major League Baseball personnel surveyed the stadium on Dec. 14 to assess whether the stadium could be a venue for official WBC warm-up games. Hsinchu Mayor Ann Kao held a press conference on the 5th to reveal there are still 152 violations. In two random samplings on Dec. 14 last year and Jan. 4 this year, red bricks, used wires, and stones over 3 centimeters were found in the top layer of the stadium's soil. 

Ann Kao, Hsinchu City Mayor: “If you see there are bricks, stones, and wires in this soil today, then I really feel the player's injury was not an accident. A field like this does not comply with regulations. There is no way for players to play safely on this field. ”

Kao bluntly stated that the industrial waste found during the review has violated the contract's design specifications. The contractor is suspected of cutting corners. The field was flooded within 30 minutes after the sprinklers were turned on for a drainage test. 

Ann Kao, Hsinchu City Mayor: “We tried hard to find ways to improve the stadium these past 10 days. But there are too many unsatisfactory items. We can't afford to risk hosting a game under the condition that the stadium is unsafe and has not been approved. So sorry. There will be no WBC warm-up games this time in Hsinchu City. ”

Kao also said that all evidence, videos, and recordings at the scene will be sent to judicial units. Investigators have already started a case file. Hsinchu City Baseball Stadium will hire professional field consultants to assist in revisions and adjustments. There is still no timetable for the stadium's restart. 








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