Chen Chi-mai Travels North to Support Enoch Wu 王:拒絕辯論應對外說明 吳:不流於口水戰

Taipei by-election candidates Wang Hung-wei and Enoch Wu took part in a policy presentation today but Wang questioned Enoch Wu should explain his reasons in refusing to debate, while Wu responded that he will not be caught in a battle of words.

As the Taipei City legislative by-election counts down, DPP Acting Chairperson Chen Chi-mai traveled north on Jan. 4 to support Enoch Wu. Chen Chi-mai is very confident about the election, believing that Wu does not get trapped in a battle of words or try to smear opponents, fully keeping his feet firmly on the ground. Thereby, a new election culture is being established.

Enoch Wu, DPP Taipei City Legislative By-Election Candidate: “For the past five weeks, my opponent did not raise any concrete criticisms or thoughts with respect to my claims; this way it is hard to debate.”

In the policy presentation this time, there was only one round of a 15-minute presentation of policies. Thus, KMT Wang Hung-wei posted her registration documents for the policy debate on her Facebook, charging that Enoch Wu registered before her and should therefore explain to the public why he refused to debate.

Wang Hung-wei, KMT Taipei City Legislative By-Election Candidate: “Or else, normally, if the candidates agree to debate, then we may be able to see, in debate form, a clear presentation of our policies.”

Wang Hung-wei, accompanied by Taipei City Councilor Chen Bing-fu, canvassed the streets of Zhongshan District on Jan. 4, while Enoch Wu not only is accompanied by DPP's Acting Chairperson Chen Chi-mai and city councilors during the day, he also has Vice President William Lai's personal support and presence at temples at night. With respect to this, Wang Hung-wei said sarcastically that Enoch Wu is actually "Tsai's Boy" so in the end, he would also get Tsai Ing-wen to stand by him.








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