Taipei City to Increase Maternity Allowance for First Born 北市生育補助擬加碼 首胎4萬全國最高

To improve the low birthrate, Taipei City Government plans to increase maternity allowance from NT$20,000 to NT$40,000 for firstborns.

With a loud and clear cry comes another new life, yet the low birth rate remains a difficult issue. Taipei City Government plans to increase maternity allowance from NT$20,000 to NT$40,000 for firstborns, the highest in the nation.

Chen Yong-de, Director, Taipei City Civil Affairs Bureau: “Doubling maternity allowance, reaching NT$40,000 for the firstborn, NT$45,000 for the second child, and NT$50,000 for the third child.”

The Civil Affairs Bureau proposed two plans, awaiting Mayor Chiang Wan-an's decision on whether to implement starting April this year or backtrack to apply to babies born on or after Dec. 25, 2022. Looking at the changes in the total population in Taipei in recent years, sliding downward from 2.66 million in 2018 to dropping below 2.5 million in 2022. Subtracting those who were removed from household registration due to COVID-19, the decreasing birth rate is too a main factor. There were still almost 23,000 newborn babies in 2018, yet only 14,000 or so in 2022, down by 8,000 some. However, will increasing maternity allowance really raise people's willingness to give birth?

Citizen: “No, I don't want to have a child simply because of the increased maternity allowance there is only NT$40,000 at the beginning, yet the cost of raising a child afterward is a huge expenditure.”

Citizen: “No, will not want to have a child because of the increased maternity allowance. (Why not?) Because the difficult part is the process afterward of raising a child, not the allowance at the beginning.”

Taiwan's birth rate is dropping at a rate faster than many other countries. The Awakening Foundation observed that working moms are a very prevalent phenomenon nowadays in society and urged the government to expend a large number of resources in building a friendlier workplace.

Chyn Yu-rung, Secretary General, Awakening Foundation: “First, you must, support, on a systemic basis, that men participate in caretaking. Then, we must increase public childcare centers and raise the proportion within a short period of time. Finally, a reformation for a friendly workplace where the government can promote a flexible leave system.”

In addition, the Awakening Foundation noted that in the past 5 years, given the increase in child and nursery care demands for three years and younger, and limited child-caring policies for 0-2 year-olds, the inability to meet the needs of the people causing working females to have to juggle between work and child-rearing, hence naturally giving rise to more unwillingness to have a child. 











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