Excess Tax Revenue to Be Handed Out as Cash 還稅於民發現金 府院規劃每人發6千元

Premier Su Tseng-chang said that the government's excess tax revenue will be distributed to the public in the form of cash and announced on the 4th that each person will receive NT$6,000.

Su Tseng-chang, Premier: “With regards to the NT$180 billion, NT$40 billion will be set aside as a reserve for emergencies. The remaining NT$140 billion will allow the entire population, from young to old, to share in our economic achievements. Each person will get NT$6,000. No laws will need to be amended. Low-income households will get an additional NT$750 per person and low to middle-income households will get an additional NT$500 per person starting before the Lunar New Year at the earliest. They will get these as monthly payments in their accounts. We'll do this over the course of the entire year.”

Su said to do so will require NT$140 billion based on the population of 23.35 million. The cash will be handed out as "remittance," which will require people to provide their bank information. That will take at least one month. People were asking if they would receive the cash before the Lunar New Year, and Legislative President You Si-kun said that if the Executive Yuan is able to quickly deliver related bill to the legislature, then he is willing to convene cross-party negotiations. If a consensus can be reached quickly, "there is a chance."





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