Kaohsiung Borough Chief Fails to Assume Post 疏忽軍醫院禁兼職 高雄海光里長當選不就職

A borough chief won the recent local elections in Kaohsiung. She confirmed before running that the borough chief position could be a side job working alongside her main job. However, her main job did not allow her to hold a side job, so she decided not to assume the post.

There are many congratulatory messages next to Chung Tsui-min's residence. She won the borough chief election for Haiguang Borough in Kaohsiung's Fengshan District during the recent elections, but didn't show up to be sworn in on Dec. 25. Chung works as a nurse at a military hospital in Kaohsiung. Under Ministry of National Defense regulations, contracted personnel are not allowed to hold side jobs, so Chung chose to give up the position of borough chief.

Borough Chief-elect's Mother: “She gets more vacation days and a higher salary (at her original job), and she'll also get a pension. In contrast, you have to run again for borough chief after serving four years.”

Liao Kuo-chih, Former Haiguang Borough Chief: “One week after she was elected, her place of employment, which is a military unit, told her that there could be problems if she held side jobs.”

Chung confirmed that the position of borough chief can be worked as a side job, but wasn't aware that her place of employment did not allow this. She asked her husband, who previously served two terms as a borough chief, to register for the by-election so that she can keep serving her constituents. Some constituents were not convinced.

Resident: “She should have thought things through beforehand, before running as borough chief and city councilor. They, this husband and wife, should have planned better. Those who voted for her are extremely disappointed.”

Lin Ching-i, Chief Secretary, Kaohsiung City Civil Affairs Bureau: “There are regulations on holding a by-election if a borough chief resigns, leaves, or dies. There is no regulation on what to do if the borough chief fails to assume the post.”

The city's Civil Affairs Bureau says borough chief is a voluntary position under the law, and there are no regulations prohibiting borough chiefs from holding other jobs. This time, three elected borough chiefs in the city failed to assume the post. The other two died before they could take office. At present, Haiguang Borough's administrator is serving as the acting borough chief and the city has asked the Ministry of the Interior what to do. If a by-election is necessary, it will be held within three months and cost an estimated NT$350,000.











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