KMT Loses Keelung Council Speaker Position for First Time 正副議長選舉4縣市跑票 藍痛失基隆議長

The election results for the speaker and deputy speaker in Kaohsiung, Tainan, Hualien and Keelung showed that KMT candidates received less votes than the number of KMT councilors. Therefore, the KMT plans to conduct a review and discuss discipline. 

For the first time in 72 years, Keelung City Council will be led by a DPP instead of a KMT speaker. KMT lost by just one vote because KMT Councilor Chang Fang-li switched sides and voted for DPP Councilor Tung Tzu-wei. Chang explained it was to pay her debt of gratitude toward Tung's grandfather Tung Yung. KMT Keelung Chapter Chairperson Wu Kuo-sheng said disciplinary actions must be taken.

Wu Kuo-sheng, Chairperson, KMT Keelung City Chapter: “Her KMT membership would most likely be taken away. We will be holding an evaluation and discipline committee meeting tomorrow. Her action was individual behavior and it reveals the ugly side of human nature. ”

KMT won 15 out of 22 city and county council speaker positions in all, while DPP won four and independent took three. However, KMT lost the Keelung City Council speaker position for the first time since 1950. 

Eric Chu, KMT Chairperson (Dec. 25, 2022): “We have to unite in force. We feel regretful to hear about members violating the party code. We will decide what to do after the evaluation and discipline committee meeting.”

KMT's momentum seemed to have slowed in the following city and county council elections. In Keelung, Hualien, Tainan, and Kaohsiung, KMT councilors were found voting for another party instead. Kaohsiung City Deputy Speaker-elect Tseng Chun-chieh seceded from KMT before the election to run the election as an independent while Hualien County Council Speaker Chang Chun seceded from KMT after the election. Coordination within the party seemed to have fallen apart and KMT Chairperson Eric Chu's leadership is challenged.

Chu Chao-hsiang, Professor, Dept. of East Asian Studies, NTNU: “It is of course a great challenge to the chairperson's authority if local factions refuse to follow central orders. The KMT enjoyed victory in mayor and magistrate elections but now they need to balance things out locally and make progressive adjustments. I think it would take about half a year or so to see whether there will be big changes to the local KMT factions.  ”
The scholar said in the present time and age, political party members do not feel as strongly bound by party discipline as was in the past. The KMT needs to reconsider and restructure relationships with local party members, and strengthen communication to lower possible impact on the 2024 presidential election.










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