Only One-fifth of Vaccine Injury Compensation Cases Concluded 疫苗受害救濟 結案占1/5.補助件數低於1成

The KMT legislative caucus held a press conference to criticize the government's handling of vaccine injury compensation cases. So far, less than 10 percent of the cases received compensation.

Chen Hung-yu, COVID-19 Vaccine Injury Compensation applicant: “We had to wait for masks to become available, wait for vaccines to become available, and also wait for the rapid test kits. Of course, I had to wait again now for my case to be reviewed. I've been waiting for so long, it's been almost a year. ”

Mr. Chen in his mid-40s, received his first shot of BNT last October and developed the multisystem inflammatory syndrome. He applied to the government for vaccine injury compensation but it's been a year and he has not yet received an answer. The KMT legislative caucus held a press conference to criticize government inefficiency and said that Mr. Chen's case is only the tip of the iceberg. They said the government should have more empathy and speed up the review process for vaccine injury compensation cases.

William Tseng, KMT Legislative Caucus Whip: “We castigate the Tsai administration for lack of empathy. The Tsai administration is unsympathetic toward the vaccine victims and it just hurts them again.”

Up till Nov. 24, 2022, only 1,495 out of 7,042 cases of vaccine injury compensation have been concluded, according to Taiwan Centers for Disease Control. The KMT called it at a snail's pace and unmerciful.

Cheng Cheng-chien, Deputy Secretary-general, KMT Legislative Caucus: “Very few (vaccine injury) cases have been discussed. Compensation rates are even lower. In October and November, very few cases got passed, less than 10 percent.”

Victor Wang, Chief, Central Epidemic Command Center: “We've sped up (the review process) already. Now we are divided up into groups to do the review. If needed we'll arrange for more staff to work on the process of review.”

The KMT legislative caucus is calling for three changes to the vaccine injury compensation program: to simplify and speed up the review process, and to be more lenient with the compensation. The Central Epidemic Command Center Chief Victor Wang responded that they are working on those issues already.











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