Chiang Wan-an Campaigns for Wang Hung-wei 蔣萬安合體王鴻薇 要競選團隊全力輔選

Taipei City Mayor-elect Chiang Wan-an helped to campaign for KMT legislative by-election candidate Wang Hung-wei on Dec. 21.

Taipei City Mayor-elect Chiang Wan-an joined KMT legislative by-election candidate Wang Hung-wei for a morning of campaigning on Dec. 21. Chiang said he has asked his campaign team to keep working all the way through the by-election on Jan. 8 so that Wang will be fully supported.

Chiang Wan-an, Mayor-elect, Taipei City: “Actually, many members of the team took the initiative to come to me and offer their assistance. After all, the objective is the same, and we have to get Councilor Hung-wei into the legislature.”

Wang and her DPP opponent Enoch Wu have crossed swords on a variety of policy issues, the latest being firefighting budgets. Wu advocated having the central government take charge of arranging budgets and resolving the issues of insufficient manpower and outdated equipment. Wang responded that the issue is the central government's refusal to act on this issue.

Wang Hung-wei, Legislative By-election Candidate (KMT): “The proposal to increase bonuses for police officers and firefighters by 1.5 times has already been approved by the Taipei City Government, and the funding source has already been found. That's why I believe the main issue right now is for the Ministry of the Interior to stop dragging its feet to the point where the minister resigned. Taipei's police officers and firefighters still haven't received the bonuses they deserve.”

Enoch Wu, Legislative By-election Candidate (DPP): “Any drivel is meaningless. We see this structural problem, and we propose a specific solution to let the central government take charge and let the central government provide assistance to raise the number of firefighters and upgrade equipment.”

Wu explained that his proposals are aimed at resolving the issues of insufficient firefighters and outdated equipment, and have nothing to do with the bonuses raised by Wang. He said there is no conflict and it all needs to be done and all is important.









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