EPA to Offer Subsidy on Electric Car Sales in 2023 車輛汰舊換新最高補助3萬 預計元旦上路

Starting next year, consumers purchasing an electric vehicle or eco-friendly models in replacement of old gasoline ones are eligible for a subsidy of up to NT$30,000. The incentive, however, seems not attractive enough.

To encourage reducing carbon footprint and air pollution, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) revealed latest plans of subsidizing citizens with purchase of electric cars or other environmental-friendly cars in replacement of their old, gasoline ones, and offering other carbon reduction rewards.    

Tsai Meng-yu, Head, Dept. of Air Quality & Noise Control, EPA: “We hope to phase out older cars at a quicker pace. So when you purchase a new, electric car to replace your old, gasoline car, the EPA will subsidize your purchase with NT$15,000.”

However, some citizens seem not so interested in the NT$15,000 subsidy.

Mr. Chung, Sedan Driver: “NT$15,000 is not too attractive of an incentive. I don't think I would change my car anytime soon. It seems like there are not enough charging stations out there yet.”

The EPA's subsidy plan for purchasing electric in replacement of gasoline vehicles covers all types of vehicles ranging from scooters to diesel trucks and buses. The subsidy goes as high as NT$30,000 per purchase. The Truck Cargo Transportation Association of the R.O.C. (TCTA R.O.C.) pointed out that it is a long road ahead for the transition to happen. Cargo trucks that conform to Euro 6 emissions standards cost NT$400 to NT$500 million each, so a NT$30,000 subsidy is not too much of a help at all. 

Li Chao-kung, Secretary-General, TCTA R.O.C.: “I don't consider it an incentive at all. Eco-friendly vehicles cost way, way above NT$30,000. ”

Besides financial help with environmentally friendly vehicles, the prevalence of charging stations is also an important factor for consumers' acceptance of electric vehicles. 










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