Taxi Fares to Rise in Taipei, New Taipei City, Keelung 北北基計程車改85元起跳 停等縮短為1分鐘

The starting taxi fare for the Taipei, New Taipei City, and Keelung regions is set to increase from NT$70 to NT$85, while the payment increment period has been decreased to 60 seconds. The changes won't take effect until April 2023 because time is needed to adjust taxi meters.

It's raining, and taxis are doing brisk business. Many passengers say they can accept an increase in taxi fares that is scheduled to take effect in April 2023 for Taipei, New Taipei City, and Keelung.

Resident: “The prices of everything are rising, so you can't say they're not allowed to increase prices, right? You have to be reasonable.”

Resident: “It's cheaper here compared to other places, the taxi fares are cheaper so it's acceptable.”

The Taipei City Public Transportation Office approved the taxi fare adjustment plan. The starting fare will be increased from NT$70 to NT$85, while the payment increment has been changed from an additional NT$5 per 80 seconds to NT$5 per 60 seconds. Other fees were not adjusted. Taxi driver unions had originally proposed hiking the starting fare to NT$100, but the deliberation committee considered the rights and benefits of consumers and referenced the standards in other cities and counties to decide on an increase to NT$85.

Taxi Driver: “Adjusting it will help us a bit. The cost of car maintenance has increased by a lot.”

Taxi Driver: “If you increase it by too much, no one's going to ride anymore, right? If you increase it by too much, then many people won't want to ride and you're back where you were during the pandemic. ”

Hung Yu-min, Section Director, Taipei City Public Transportation Office: “The committee members referenced the adjustments made by other cities and counties during this year.”

The office said unions also proposed an extra fee of NT$50 during times of "torrential rain or typhoons," but it decided not to adopt this because it hopes to deter people from going out during typhoons and there might be consumer disputes if the three cities don't act in sync to suspend work and classes during a typhoon.











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