Military Adjusts Fitness Training Program 提升戰力 國防部公布新版基本體能訓項

The Ministry of National Defense has announced a new basic physical fitness training program to upgrade the military's combat fitness. Meanwhile, it had no new information to share on whether the compulsory military service period will be lengthened.

The "plank" is one of the tests used by the military to gauge combat fitness. The Ministry of National Defense recently announced a new basic physical fitness training program to upgrade the military's combat fitness. It maintains original test items, references U.S. military and domestic physical fitness tests, and combines sports science. There are different test options for cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance, and flexibility.

Wu Po-han, Department Director, Nat'l Sports Training Center: “The concept of multiple training options comes from the U.S. Army. Its health promotion plan emphasizes the three elements of combat fitness that were just mentioned, which are that soldiers should do different types of exercise, get sufficient sleep, and eat a balanced diet. This will upgrade the overall health of our military and then increase our overall combat fitness.”

Whether the compulsory military service period should be lengthened is currently being decided. National Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng told the legislature on Dec. 7 that an announcement will be made before year-end. However, the Presidential Office said cross-ministry discussions are still taking place. The MND said a policy change will have a wide effect, so right now it has no new information to share.

Sun Li-fang, Spokesperson, Ministry of National Defense: “It involves many factors, including our defensive combat requirements, our international strategy, changes to the regional security situation, and the basic rights of males eligible for military service. We have to consider all of these and more. I don't have anything to share at present about when it will be announced or how long it will be or other details.”

Enoch Wu, the DPP's candidate for the legislative by-election for Taipei's third constituency, has proposed establishing a territorial defense force. The ministry said it's normal for democratic societies to discuss defense policies and it respects individual opinions but will not comment on them.








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