Chiang Announces Additional Administration Appointees 北市小內閣第2波人事 仍未見林奕華

Taipei Mayor-elect Chiang Wan-an announced a second list of seven administration appointees on Dec. 14, but no deputy mayors were included. 

Cheng Shi-wei, Spokesperson, Office of Taipei Mayor-elect Chiang Wan-an: “With regard to related personnel issues, the mayor is still in the process of consulting and enlisting. When something is confirmed, we'll share it with the media and the outside world. The mayor will continue consulting and enlisting and hopes to complete this before Dec. 25. Legislator Lin Yi-hua previously said she's only a member of the handover committee and she wants to complete this matter of the handover well. The mayor will handle future matters and personnel arrangements.”

Department of Labor Commissioner Kao Bao-hua has been asked to stay on, while Tang Chih-min will return to lead the Department of Education after serving in the Ko administration. Chao Shih-lung and Lien Tang-kai, who will head the Department of Information Technology and Department of Legal Affairs, respectively, are both only 37. Chiang said the middle generation will help to train future generations to propel Taipei forward.





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