No FIFA Certification for New Kaohsiung Football Stadium 楠梓足球場耗3.5億 未獲FIFA認證遭質疑

The Kaohsiung Nanzih Football Stadium, which cost NT$350 million to construct hoping to host international tournaments, was revealed that it has not been approved by FIFA. 

Staff spray water to maintain the 11-a-side football field with natural turf. Next to this, there is an 11-a-side football field with artificial turf. The two are collectively known as the Kaohsiung Nanzih Football Stadium, which costs NT$350 million to build. It was declared at the time of construction that it would be a football field that meets international certification standards. The Kaohsiung City Government asked the Ministry of Education last year to switch the positions of the artificial and natural turf fields. The artificial turf field was also designated as a venue for 8-a-side matches. However, this means that the stadium can no longer meet FIFA's certification standards.

Citizen: “I feel that if it is the same specification, and they end up spending money like this, it does not seem to meet the ultimate needs of the people.”

Hou Tsun-yao, Director, Kaohsiung Sports Dev. Bureau: “Due to the sun, when the players are kicking the ball, it's hard for them to get used to it. We painted 2, 8-a-side football fields on the 11-a-side artificial grass field.”

The promise of international certification has disappeared. Questions abound about the waste of public funds as the entire budget was spent.

Pai Chiao-yin, Kaohsiung City Councilor Elect (KMT): “The stadium was built using FIFA's name. In the end, it was not certified by FIFA. Thus, this stadium originally meant for international games has become a farce.”

The city government stated that the Kaohsiung National Stadium can host international games. The design change was to solve problems in the original venue design and to make the stadium suitable for use by local schools and teams to increase the utilization rate. The sticking point is the marking of the 8-a-side football fields. They could be erased and applying for FIFA certification shouldn't be difficult.








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