William Lai Announces Bid for DPP Chairperson 賴清德FB宣示參選黨主席 已向總統報告

Vice President William Lai, who is currently being quarantined for COVID-19 announced his decision to run for the DPP chairperson via a Facebook post. He also stated that he had told President Tsai Ing-wen already.

Vice President William Lai, who is currently under quarantine due to COVID-19, announced his decision to run for the DPP chairperson vacancy via a Facebook post on the 8th. He said that he heard opinions from all party members before announcing his decision. Lai said he told President Tsai Ing-wen earlier and will go to register next week.

Lin Chun-hsien, Legislator (DPP): “He has to come out and shoulder this responsibility to be able to continue the party's rule and President Tsai's past efforts.”

Kuo Kuo-wen, Legislator (DPP): “Of course, he has a responsibility to lead the party into the future and meet everyone's expectations.”

Factions within the DPP expressed their support as soon as the news came out. However, DPP legislator Chen Ou-po had different opinions at the Central Standing Committee meeting on the 7th. He was worried that the President would resign as the party chairperson and be replaced by the Vice President as power is all concentrated in the same person. KMT Chairperson Eric Chu offered a light response to the news.

Eric Chu, KMT Chairperson: “Work hard and good luck to him.”

The DPP lost in the local elections. In addition to facing a reorganization within the party, calls for an Executive Yuan cabinet reshuffle are gradually rising. It is rumored that Premier Su Tseng-chang had a long talk with Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan on the 5th, and that Tseng was asked to serve as his deputy. The Executive Yuan confirmed through a spokesperson that the two sides had a meeting, but did not discuss cabinet personnel matters.

Lo Ping-cheng, Spokesperson, Executive Yuan: “Of course, Mayor Cheng worked hard during the election to help promote other candidates. The Premier thanked him for this. There were no discussions between the two men regarding cabinet personnel as the rumors speculated.”

Cheng Wen-tsan, Taoyuan Mayor: “Now it's time for me to do two jobs. The first is the handover of my mayoral administration. The second is reviewing our defeat and gathering opinions from all sides.”

Cheng, who was originally regarded as a popular candidate for both the Premier and party chairperson positions, was affected by his thesis controversy. In addition to making it clear that he would not run to be the party's leader, Tseng supports Lai's bid to be the DPP chairperson. He further emphasized that there is only one DPP candidate for president in 2024, which is Lai, and he will fully support him.












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