Control Yuan Probes Ban on COVID-19 Infected Voters 監委查確診者無法投票 李進勇:配合調查

Numerous discrepancies have been reported with the nine-in-one elections. Central Election Commission Chairperson Lee Chin-yung has admitted there were issues, but insisted they did not affect the results.

Reporter: “People infected with COVID-19 weren't allowed to vote. Now the Control Yuan is going to investigate. Can you comment?”
Lee Chin-yung, CEC Chairperson: “We'll cooperate with the investigation.”
Central Election Commission Chairperson Lee Chin-yung attended a legislative interpellation on Dec. 1. He was asked about the CEC banning COVID-19 patients from voting. The Control Yuan has launched an investigation to see if the right to vote was violated. Lee said he will cooperate. This was not the only controversy that popped up during these elections.

Wang Hui-mei, Legislator (DPP): “You're the election authority. After seeing the way these votes were counted, do you think there is any credibility? ”
Lee Chin-yung, CEC Chairperson: “There were indeed defects with the vote counting procedure. However, the results are correct and the election results were not affected.”

While ballots were being counted for the Pingtung County magisterial election, election personnel simply read the ballot slips out loud and failed to show what the ballots said. Lee admitted there were deficiencies but claimed the outcome was not affected. There were also reports that election personnel did not automatically hand out referendum ballots.

Loh Meei-ling, Legislator (DPP): “Are election personnel allowed to ask voters whether they want the referendum ballot?”
Lee Chin-yung, CEC Chairperson: “Asking this way isn't a violation of regulations. ”

Some legislators said the act of asking voters if they want referendum ballots before handing them out is election interference. The CEC's response was contradictory.

Kao Mei-li, Director, Department of Planning, CEC: “We did have a regulation in our handbook for election personnel this year that they are not allowed to ask voters if they want to vote.”

Meanwhile, people also reported TV stations for mixing up and inflating vote tallies. The National Communications Commission said it received five vote counting-related complaints and penalties for violations will be issued after the Lunar New Year.