Car Runs Through Forest Railway Crossing 陽光刺眼未注意柵欄放下 轎車駕駛撞工程車

An accident occurred along the Alishan Forest Railway yesterday. A driver did not notice that a level crossing gate was already down and continued driving through, and ended up hitting a railway construction vehicle. He said his line of sight was affected by the bright sunlight.

A black car with a dented right rear end can be seen at the level crossing. On Nov. 29, the driver was crossing an Alishan Forest Railway level crossing but did not notice that the gate was already down. The driver just continued driving and hit the first carriage of an oncoming railway construction vehicle.

Wu Wen-chin, Captain, Luman Police Station: “The sun was in the driver's eyes, so visibility was not good. The level crossing gate was already down, and the driver wasn't able to brake in time and ended up hitting the railway construction vehicle. Luckily, the constriction vehicle was traveling slowly at the time. No one was injured.”

Both drivers got off their respective vehicles to examine the damage. No one was injured, but the maximum fine under the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act for failing to stop as required and running through a railroad crossing is NT$90,000. The driver's license will also be revoked. The door and body of first carriage of the railway construction vehicle were damaged in this incident.

Chou Heng-kai, Dep. Dir., Alishan Forest Railway & Cultural Heritage Office: “The results of the preliminary investigation show that first carriage's door and obstacle deflector sustained damage. The office will cooperate with the police investigation and seek related compensation.”

There are accidents involving vehicles running through forest railway level crossings from time to time. There was one such accident earlier this year when a car ran through, was hit by the barrier, and ended up stuck on the level crossing. The police and forest railway authorities urge people to follow traffic rules.








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