No Election Posts Allowed on Social Media After Midnight 投票日注意 可宣傳公投.不能競助選

The Central Election Commission says election-related posts on social media are illegal on the day of an election starting at midnight. Meanwhile, a human rights group has applied for an injunction against the ban to prevent COVID-19 patients from casting their ballots.

On the eve of the Nov. 26 elections, the Central Election Commission reminded the public that it is against the law to tear or damage ballots and no campaign activities are allowed on the day of the election. Referendum promotion is allowed, however. "Campaign activities" includes changing your Facebook profile picture to a candidate-related picture or sharing any candidate-related posts on social media. Any such activity after midnight is a violation of the law.

Chen Chao-chien, Vice Chair, Central Election Commission: “We will investigate every violation that is reported to us. Fines for such violations range from NT$500,000 to NT$5 million.”

The commission also says strict epidemic prevention measures will be in place. The government is not allowing people with COVID-19 to vote. The Taiwan Association for Human Rights is asking the Administrative Court for an injunction on behalf of close to 600,000 people that currently have COVID-19. The commission says everything will be handled in accordance with the law.

Lee Chin-yung, Chair, Central Election Commission: “Both election-related agencies and the Central Epidemic Command Center are following the law.”

Central Election Commission Chair Lee Chin-yung says he hopes all votes can be counted by the end of the day. Chunghwa Telecom has already held three national-scale simulated runs and hopes to be able to provide tallies live.








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