Showers Expected in Northern, Eastern Taiwan, Kinmen and Matsu 明投票日 北部.東半部.金馬留意短暫雨

The Central Weather Bureau says Election Day will be wet and cold in northern and eastern Taiwan and Taiwan's offshore islands, so everyone should remember to bring their rain gear with them when leaving home. Meanwhile, this could be the warmest November on record.

The Central Weather Bureau says the average temperature this fall was 25.7 degrees, which is slightly higher than years past. In general, temperatures were cooler in September and October. Thirteen weather stations are reporting a historic high for the month of November as of now, meaning there's a chance this November may be the warmest on record. Due to La Nina, temperatures are not expected to depart much from normal levels this winter. Taiwan may also see slightly less rain than usual with two to three cold fronts this season.

Chen Yi-liang, Central Weather Bureau Chief Forecaster: “This blue column represents the likelihood of La Nina occurring. The chances of La Nina occurring are relatively high before the arrival of winter. Overall, weather conditions should return to normal after next spring.”

With showers expected in northern and eastern Taiwan as well as in Kinmen and Matsu, other areas and also Penghu, voters should remember to take their rain gear with them when leaving home on the 26th. Another cold air mass will be hitting Taiwan on the afternoon of the 29th.

Lin Bing-yu, Section Chief, Central Weather Bureau: “There will be less (rain) on the 25th and 26th than on the 24th. However, humidity levels will go up on the night of the 25th and remain high until the evening of the 26th. Weather conditions won't stabilize until the 28th or the morning of the 29th. Later on the 29th, a new northeast monsoon will be arriving and temperatures will fall.”

The bureau began issuing special low-temperature reports for every city and county on Nov. 1 along well low-temperature alerts for townships and districts. This tailored approach provides the public with more accurate local temperature forecasts.








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