Ko Campaigns for Huang, Expresses Concerns 柯p陪黃珊珊衝刺 稱比自己選還更焦慮

Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je campaigned alongside independent mayoral candidate Vivian Huang on Nov. 24. He warned that Taipei must not return to the past.

Taipei City Mayor and TPP Chairperson Ko Wen-je campaigned alongside independent mayoral candidate Vivian Huang on Nov. 24. Ko will leave office soon after eight years in charge of Taipei. He said he's extremely worried "because Taipei must not go back to the past."

Ko Wen-je, Chairperson, TPP: “I really am very worried. I wasn't even this worried in 2018 when I was running. I worked hard every day starting at 7:30 a.m. for eight years. What is my biggest concern? It's that Taipei must not go back to how it was in the past.”

Chen Shih-chung, Taipei City Mayoral Candidate (DPP): “After eight years, (Ko Wen-je) has the lowest approval rating. It's useless to worry now. What's important is to let someone else do the job.”

Vivian Huang, Taipei City Mayoral Candidate (Independent): “It's not simply about going out on the streets and waving at people. What's more important are the changes that Taipei experienced over the past eight years. The rain will of course affect people's desire to go out and vote, especially those who don't like to get wet.”

There are concerns that the voter turnout will be low due to bad weather and the government's ban on COVID-19 infected voters. KMT candidate Chiang Wan-an urged residents to brave the elements and vote no matter what.

Chiang Wan-an, Taipei City Mayoral Candidate (KMT): “There are only 48 hours left, and we remind all residents that your vote will determine the future of our next generation as well as that of Taipei. Your vote is extremely important, so you have to go out and vote even if it's windy and rainy.”

During a live broadcast alongside Ko to speak about her policy white paper, Huang said she worked hard on her policies and her two opponents don't even have enough to fill an A4-sized sheet of paper. Ko again criticized that their respective parties deliberately avoided discussing policies. In response, Chen said he can't go through his 200 political views every time. Meanwhile, Chiang said he respects Ko's statements.











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