Number of Respiratory Illnesses Spiking in Taiwan 醫:近期流感出現零星個案 已有升溫跡象

The Centers for Disease Control has reported two new severe complicated influenza cases. One of the two, a man in his 70s, died just five days after falling ill. This was the second death of the flu season so far and the CDC is urging everyone to get a flu shot as soon as possible.

With daytime and nighttime temperatures varying, the number of patients seeking medical treatment for respiratory conditions has gone up in the last few days. Apart from COVID-19, Taiwan has seen a spike in the number of RSV and flu cases.

Zen Lin, Chair, ROC Primary Care Association: “If a patient has a high fever that isn't going down and they also have chills, headache, aches and pains, a cough, runny nose, and other respiratory symptoms, and if other people in their family have these symptoms as well, I'm guessing it's the flu.”

Two new severe complicated influenza cases were recently reported, with both cases identified as influenza A subtype H3N2. Neither patient had gotten the flu vaccine. The first, a 4-year-old boy, fell ill at the end of October and was recently discharged from the hospital after a spell in the ICU. The other, a man in his 70s with chronic conditions, fell ill on Nov. 5 and died on the 9th. There have been two flu deaths so far this flu season.

Chuang Jen-hsiang, Deputy Director, Centers for Disease Control: “Around 80 percent of flu vaccines have been administered, so we hope people over 65 and children that haven't started going to school yet can get vaccinated as soon as possible.”

The Centers for Disease Control says there have been three severe complicated influenza cases reported in Taiwan so far this flu season. Eighty percent of the 6.29 million free flu shots available have been administered already and the CDC hopes people under five and over 65 can get their flu shot as soon as possible.