One Killed in Drag Racing Accident 處理死亡車禍 警遭攻擊反制1人中彈

One person has died in a drag racing accident early this morning in the streets of Taipei. Two of the people involved tried to assault police when they arrived on the scene and one of them was shot twice in the leg. Seven people were taken in for questioning.

When police arrive on the scene, the white car, which originally had its hazard lights on, suddenly accelerates to flee. Two men, both reeking of alcohol, get out of their cars yelling. The police fire warning shots, but to no avail. Next, one officer fires two shots into the leg of one of the men. The man starts screaming as he is subdued. Then, something else happens. A mob that has gathered turns on the media. Disregarding the police, the mob pins reporters against the wall.  

Local Business Owner: “There were a lot of police around this morning.”

The incident occurred at 4 a.m. on the 14th. According to police, two groups that had been drinking together at a bar decided it'd be fun to drag race. When they got to the underground tunnel on Zhongxiao West Road, one of the cars hit the car in front of it. The driver of the car that was hit died, and the passengers sustained minor injuries. The driver of the car that hit the car in front of it tried to flee when the police arrived.

Chen Ming-chih, Zhongzheng First Precinct Chief: “He will be charged with injury, major hazard in a traffic accident, attempted murder, and obstruction.”

Seven people were taken in for questioning. The man who was shot in the leg was taken to the hospital. Many of the people involved were underage and members of the Bamboo Union. According to police, the drivers of all three vehicles involved had been drinking but it is not yet known whether their blood alcohol was over the limit.










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