Nauruan President Makes First Trip to Taiwan 友邦諾魯總統率團訪台 強化兩國邦誼

Nauruan President Russ Kun has arrived in Taiwan on his first state visit to the island. The two sides will be strengthening bilateral cooperation in the areas of human resource training, telecommunications, coast guard affairs, port affairs, food safety, and climate change during the visit.

Russ Kun, President of Nauru: “This is my first time to be here in Taiwan and I look forward to the warm hospitality of the people of Taiwan. This short few days I'll be here, I'll be doing a lot of visits around Taiwan, and we, me and my delegation, truly look forward to it.”

Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Wu personally welcomed the Nauruan delegation to Taiwan at the airport. Nauru and the Republic of China formally reestablished diplomatic relations in 2005. Kun assumed office six weeks ago following the island nation's general elections and his trip to Taiwan with Cabinet members so soon afterward is a sign of the strong and solid friendship between the two nations.




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