Landslide Snarls Traffic on National Freeway 國1汐止段邊坡坍塌搶修 交流道管制封閉

A landslide occurred on the southbound Xizhi section of National Freeway No. 1 on Nov. 1. Repairs are underway, although the Xizhi interchange remains closed. There was a purple alert at around 7 a.m. on Nov. 2 for southbound traffic between Wudu and Xizhi. The Freeway Bureau says the repairs will be completed by Nov. 4.

Police officers direct traffic at an intersection during rush hour. Nearly 100 police officers were sent to direct traffic on the morning of Nov. 2. New Taipei City Mayor Hou Yu-ih was also present at the scene to inspect repairs.

Hou Yu-ih, Mayor, New Taipei City: “I hope the road can be reopened as soon as possible, and I would recommend installing additional automatic monitoring systems at places prone to landslides.”

A landslide occurred on the southbound Xizhi section of National Freeway No. 1 on Nov. 1 after several straight days of heavy rain. Repairs are underway, and the lanes have been reopened to traffic. However, motorists are currently unable to exit onto the Xizhi interchange from southbound lanes and the southbound interchange for the Xizhi system that leads to National Freeway No. 3 is also closed.

Chang Chung-chih, Dep. Director, N. Region Branch Office, Freeway Bureau: “The area of the dirt and rocks that fell down was pretty large, so it will take some time to clear it all away. Next, we need reinforcements to prevent further dirt and rocks from falling down.”

The closures led to a traffic jam and a purple alert was issued for southbound traffic between Wudu and Xizhi at 7 a.m. on Nov. 2, affecting southbound commuters. The Freeway Bureau advised motorists to get off the interchange earlier or take alternative routes such as Provincial Highway 5. It promised to complete the repairs by Nov. 4.








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