COVID-19 Restrictions to Be Lifted on Nov. 7 公共場域11/7起免量體溫 三劑令取消

The Central Epidemic Command Center has announced various COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted on Nov. 7. Temperature monitoring in public places will no longer be mandatory, and three shots are no longer needed for religious pilgrimages, tour group travel, at gyms, or adult entertainment venues.

Travelers aren't allowed to enter high-speed rail or train stations unless their temperature is normal. This will soon change.

Citizen: “Not everyone gets a fever, so having a normal temperature doesn't mean anything and no longer taking temperatures doesn't mean anything either.”

Citizen: “…in enclosed spaces. If someone is infected and we don't know about it, we are at risk and we don't even know it. I don't support (cancelling temperature monitoring).”

In addition, three shots or a negative rapid test will no longer be required for religious events like pilgrimages, tour groups, at gyms, and adult entertainment venues.

Chen Yu-min, Secretary, Monga Qingshan Temple: “The facilities will be here. It won't be enforced, but you can see what your temperature is if you want.”

Chiang Kuan-yu, Doctor, Taipei City Hospital Zhongxing Branch: “Once the vaccine coverage rate reaches a certain level, restrictions will be relaxed. Most patients develop low fevers and respiratory symptoms, so a more effective method would be reminding the public to use rapid tests if they start feeling unwell.”

Doctors say the government relaxing restrictions means the risk is being passed back to citizens and everyone remains at high risk from mutated strains, especially those that have not been boosted or have had second-generation vaccines.










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