Eighteen Taoyuan Residents Fined for Quarantine Violations 桃園一週18人居隔期間外出 衛生局開罰

Just because border controls and quarantine requirements have been relaxed doesn't mean law enforcement is non-existent. Taoyuan has caught 18 people, inlcuding one confirmed case, that violated epidemic prevention regulations by leaving their place of quarantine in the past week. All of them face fines and prosecution.

In the past week alone, 18 people in Taoyuan have been cited for violating epidemic prevention regulations and leaving their place of quarantine. The number includes 17 contacts that were supposed to be in isolation and one COVID-19 patient.

Su Po-wen, Deputy Director, Taoyuan City Department of Public Health: “If you leave your place of quarantine to go to the office or go out to buy something or take out the trash, you will be fined under the Communicable Disease Control Act. If you have COVID-19, you will be prosecuted.”

The Department of Public Health says people that are supposed to be in quarantine are not allowed to dine out, go shopping, run errands, take out the trash, or go to work. Those that violate quarantine or isolation regulations face fines of NT$20,000 to NT$1,000,000 and prosecution. Citizens are not happy about this.

Citizen: “(Is the quarantine period too long?) I don't think it's necessary at all. It's like the flu now. We can get back to normal life now.”

Citizen: “It's definitely too long. (What do you mean?) It's unbearable. You should be able to leave your house and get some fresh air.”

The department also says reports that an infant had died after accidentally being given a flu shot are fake and 118 infants and young children are being monitored and all are in good health.

Su Po-wen, Deputy Director, Taoyuan City Department of Public Health: “We have already filed a police report.”

The department says it hopes people can stop spreading fake news, and reminds everyone that spreading fake news is punishable by fines of up to NT$3 million.












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