Fish Farmers in Yilan County Suffering 豪雨導致鱸魚受損嚴重 大同養殖漁民批

Yilan County's farmers say the flooding the other day caused a total of 10 tons of sea bass to die and accused the government of inaction and the magistrate's inspection simply a political stunt. The authorities say it will help breeders to apply for subsidies.

This Datong Township fish pond is filled with 10 tons of dead sea bass. As Typhoon Nisat flooded rivers, which then damaged access roads, the farmers can't even do anything about the dead fish.

Hsu Ting-yen, Sea Bass Breeder: “They're putting on a show. On the second day, the magistrate came. The magistrate, county councilors, township chiefs and representatives -- they all came. It's the fifth day now. I ask you, are the 10-plus tons of dead fish still in the ponds?”

Lin Fang-min, Director, Yilan County Marine and Fisheries Development Office: “We reported the figures we received from township offices -- including damage area and financial losses -- to the Fisheries Agency immediately.”

Yilan County Magistrate Lin Zi-miao visited with fish breeders on the 17th. Fish breeders say nothing has been done and they have only received NT$30,000 each. In response, the county government said fish breeders are eligible for subsidies of NT$420,000 per hectare and it is helping breeders to file subsidy applications and set up temporary bridges across the damaged access road.

The county government has also been criticized for delays in announcing information in the wake of Typhoon Nisat, including an 18-year-old Taoyuan woman surnamed Cheng that was reported missing on the 16th and a 13-member hiking group from National Ilan University that got trapped on Mingchi Mountain.

Lee Yueh-ju, Executive Secretary, Yilan Emergency Operations Center: “There is definitely room for improvement.”

The county government has admitted there is room for improvement in releasing information, while Lin thanked firefighters and rescue workers for their dedication.











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