Penghu Defense Command Holds Monthly Drill 澎防部鎮疆操演 模擬共軍登島火力反制

The Army's Penghu Defense Command conducts drills on a monthly basis from March to November that simulate an invasion by Chinese troops. This time, the live-fire, actual combat training drill included Dual Mount Stingers and tank guns.

Several M60A3 tanks fire artillery at vessels simulating an attempt by Chinese troops to invade Penghu. The sounds of bombardment fill the air as the military attempts to repel the enemy, while huge splashes are seen in the ocean.

The flares fired by the military light up the dark sky and signal the start of the drill in the early hours of Oct. 19. The Army's Penghu Defense Command dispatched all types of artillery, Dual Mount Stingers, and tank guns. The soldiers practiced the engagement procedures at different stages as they annihilated the enemy at sea. 

The Penghu area experiences strong winds during the fall and winter, and the soldiers train in this harsh environment to test their combat capabilities. In particular, machine guns were fired to practice short-range air defense against airborne threats such as Chinese aircraft and drones. The command said it is determined to adapt to any situation that arises.

Hsiao Yu-sheng, Commander, Armored Cavalry Battalion, PDC: “Under the Ministry of National Defense's guidelines, the response to the discovery of a drone is monitoring and firing warning flares. If it enters into our command, then we will shoot it down.”

The military used howitzers, mortars, and tank guns during the drill to stave off the invader. A pair of sisters drove tanks.

Tseng Hsiang-yin, Corporal, Tank Battalion, Penghu Defense Command: “Not much is known about tanks outside the military, so I chose to do this after enlisting. It's just a little more physically taxing, since we're shorter and it takes more effort compared to the men.”

The military holds live-fire drills on a monthly basis in Penghu between March and November to prepare troops for a possible Chinese invasion.