Winds Topple Wall at Miaoli Railway Station 凌晨苗栗火車站外牆被強風掀落 幸無人傷

Meanwhile, strong winds toppled an exterior wall at Miaoli Railway Station's East Station. Luckily, no one was injured. 

The entire wall has fallen down, and personnel have cordoned off the area to prevent passengers from getting injured. This wall is part of Miaoli Railway Station's East Station, and was toppled by strong winds early in the morning on Oct. 18. No people or vehicles were affected. The station asked passengers to take alternative routes.

Wu Chao-ti, Stationmaster, Miaoli Railway Station: “We are temporarily allowing passengers to enter the station through our first floor exit and then go up to the third floor to scan their tickets.”

Strong breezes toppled trees in Changhua City on Oct. 17 and turned an abandoned radio tower in Lugang Township into a "leaning tower." The local borough chief said the tower is 125 meters tall and was decommissioned in 2016. It's located in a restricted zone, and there are no safety issues at present.

Resident: “It ended up looking like this, it's leaning more. It used to be more vertical.”

Over in seaside Fangyuan Township, the winds collapsed an altar where a temple was preparing to hold a sacrificial ceremony. Luckily, no one was trapped underneath. Western Taiwan has seen strong breezes in recent days due to Typhoon Nesat's periphery and the northeast monsoon.

Ke Chun-hsien, Director, Taichung Weather Station: “Between yesterday and today, the average wind speed was 7 to 8 and even up to 10 on the Beaufort scale.”

The Central Weather Bureau began issuing gale warnings last week. The effects of the gales will be felt until Oct. 20. Another northeast monsoon will arrive on Oct. 22, causing temperatures to drop and bringing strong breezes.











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