Pro-reunification and Independent Factions Show Up at Ceremony 統.獨兩派仍來鬧場 警方2度舉牌警告

This year, 1,300 overseas compatriots attended, and 1,000 lucky people entered the venue by lottery. However, pro-unification factions and independent factions protested outside the presidential palace and were expelled by the police.

The crowd vigorously waved the nation's flag to congratulate the Republic of China on a happy birthday. The 2022 National Day Ceremony this year was still quite lively. The rain was not small, but it still did not dampen people's enthusiasm. As many as 1,300 overseas compatriots attended, and 1,000 people entered the venue through a lottery system. In the face of rising tensions in the Taiwan Strait, the theme of this year's National Day focused on "working together to defend the homeland and the country." Overseas compatriots showed support for Taiwan with their actions.

Overseas Compatriot: “Where would you love if you don't love Taiwan? I grew up eating rice here. Of course, I love Taiwan.”

Overseas Compatriot: “One country on each side. That's what I hope. We can make up our own minds about our country.”

Guests invited to attend this year include former President Ma Ying-jeou, former Vice President Chen Chien-jen, PFP Chairperson James Soong, and TPP chairperson Ko Wen-je. The flower arrangement at this year's ceremony integrates the beauty and cultural meaning of Taiwan's local ecology. The 20-meter-long arrangement on the main podium conveys Taiwan's tenacious vitality.

The concierge staff in charge of receiving guests no longer wear red, but instead white. Their uniform is combined with Taiwanese elements such as Taiwanese cloud leopards and Taiwanese barbets, making it quite refreshing.

Lin Sung-tse, Concierge: “I started off as the most junior and now I'm Captain. For me, every time is very special. I believe my experiences from the previous two ceremonies help me lead my team better to complete this task.”

To avoid an escalation of conflict, the police raised signs twice to warn against both groups.











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