Chang Hsi-ming Files Lawsuit Seeking Release 張錫銘18次假釋遭駁 提行政訴訟親出庭

Once the most sought-after criminal in Taiwan, Chang Hsi-ming, appeared in court for the first time after his parole application has been rejected 18 times. Chang said he wasn't receiving fair treatment as his efforts to return to the society has been in vain. 

Chen Hui-min, Chairperson, Prison Watch: “He has been imprisoned for 17, or 18 years, and has not violated any laws during this time. He has also been willing to be rehabilitated, so why do you think he's more likely to reoffend now? He is serving time for the crimes that he committed. We want to know what the standard is for his return to society.”

Chang was sentenced to life in 2007 after he was arrested in a fierce gunfight with police due to multiple kidnapping and shooting cases. After having served more than 17 years in Tainan Prison, he filed an administrative lawsuit, with the first hearing taking place on Oct. 5. Meanwhile, the Agency of Corrections issued a statement saying Chang's rehabilitation is still incomplete.






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