Electricity Price May Rise Next April: Experts 學者:反映燃料成本 明年4月電價恐臨漲

Taipower will keep the electricity rates unchanged through October. However, Taipower's losses stand to exceed NT$200 billion by the end of the year.

Taipower held creative design activities to promote public communication on electricity and energy. However, a magazine recently criticized that Taipower plans to spend NT$564.5 billion to strengthen the power grid, but fails to mention how it would source its electricity.

Wang Yao-ting, President, Taiwan Power Company: “In our power supply development plan, the money spent on the power supply is actually far more than the grid. Taichung Power Plant, Hsinta Power Plant, and Tunghsiao Power Plant are all under construction. So our power generation volume is very large.”

Taipower said its power development plan is ongoing and is investing a larger amount as well. About NT$376.1 billion has already been earmarked from the NT$564.5 billion power grid resilience development project. The remaining NT$188.4 billion needs to be planned out in a separate project plan. However, energy experts questioned why the electricity price will be kept the same in October, while the international fuel price is soaring. There may be pressure to increase the electricity price next April, after the year-end elections.

Liang Chi-yuan, Chair Professor, National Central University: “It won't work if you only increase industrial electricity prices. Residential and service industry electricity prices will also be pressured to increase, with an increase most likely in April.”

Wang Yao-ting, President, Taiwan Power Company: “Our current loss has reached more than NT$150 billion. By the end of this year, we estimate our loss will reach NT$200 billion.”

Experts said that international fuel prices may easily rise and fall in the short term, due to the impact of inflation and the Russia-Ukraine war. Taipower's losses may continue to expand if electricity prices do not rise next year. 









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